Common Questions

What is included in the typical Black Tie Espresso package?

Our typical package includes three (3) hours of unlimited espresso drinks, two highly-trained baristas, an array of flavored syrups, and all the classic accoutrements (milk, sweetener, stirrers, etc.). We'll bring one or more of our signature espresso machines and demitasse cups for espresso. We only ask that you or your venue provide a table, tablecloth, regular coffee cups and electric power.

Where do you provide your services?

We can provide our espresso catering at a wide variety of venue types, and we will travel almost anywhere in New England!

How many people can you accommodate?

Our typical package accommodates 100 people or so, but we are equipped for events of all sizes. We have even catered conventions and tradeshows with 1,000+ attendees.

Can I customize the beverage menu?

Yes. We can provide iced coffee, seasonal flavors (Pumpkin Spice Lattes, anyone?), and even create signature coffee beverages for your event.

What add-ons are available to me?

We offer a variety of add-on services, including freshly baked biscotti baskets, pastry platters (see our menu), and hot tea service.


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